Why We Are Not Going to Italy... and That's Okay!

We had been really excited about the idea of visiting Italy, but recently became wise to the fact that July is a very, very expensive time to travel to Europe. It started to feel like a bad use of our resources, so we began considering other options. Then something really cool happened...

We found out that our short film, Tortoise, is accepted to the Marfa Film Festival! We both have really wanted to attend this particular festival, so we've decided to make it part of our honeymoon plans. Marfa is an unique small town, with many colorful and mysterious charms. The Marfa Lights are a mysterious phenomenon, and so is the solitary Prada store. We'll be staying at El Cosmico in a safari tent for a couple nights, and enjoying the beauty of the desert!

From Marfa, we will drive a couple hours to the El Paso Airport to fly to a location in South America, which is currently a mystery to Sarey! Stevo will surprise her with the destination details at a later date! So no one tell her - keep the secret if you know!



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Invite Inspiration

Stevo loves Brazilian music, so now Sarey does too. Sarey also loves the retro graphic design inspiration, which we ended up using for our invitation design! Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:


You can listen to the album in full on YouTube HERE. <3

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