Stevo & Sarey
Stevo & Sarey
"Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it."

We met in Haiti...

We both were invited to join a volunteer trip with our church to Haiti. This was an amazing trip. We encountered incredible beauty and deep brokenness in that country (well summarized in the photo of the sky that Stevo captured above). We also felt the presence of God in a very tangible way there as we worked and learned and laughed and cried. This was the incubator where a very special friendship budded. And although friendship was the only thing on Stevo and Sarey's mind at the time, there was definitely a special magnetism already in progress, as evidenced by the fact that Stevo secretly donated some money towards Sarey's trip and Sarey randomly bought Stevo an espresso cup from a Haitian gift shop. 


friends, filmmakers


We started working on a movie together...

After returning from Haiti, we continued to spend time together. One day, Sarey asked Stevo about his filmmaking, and he responded by sending a script for a short film, called Tortoise"We should make this," Sarey responded, and we started to mobilize. Sarey was a producer, and Stevo was writer-director. We found we worked together quite well. A little TOO well perhaps! During pre-production, Sarey was surprised by the fact that she realized she had a huge crush on Stevo!  Yet she said nothing, being fearful of shaking up the cool friendship that had emerged between them.


We fell for each other pretty hard


Why not fall in love?

Finally, Sarey spilled her guts. She told Stevo of her affections. After Sarey took first step, Stevo took steps 2 thru 10! He started asking her out on cool dates: seeing the movie The Lobster together, watching Field of Dreams, cooking Blue Apron meals together, and spending time at The Last Bookstore, just to name a few! We found in each other a faithful companion, a loving friend, and the most fun kind of partner for life.


We decided we wanted to be together, forevs...

Stevo wanted to get out of town for Valentine's Day weekend 2018. We decided on a weekend get-away to San Diego - a place we'd never been to together. Sarey got spoiled rotten as Stevo surprised her with a delicious dinner at Cafe Sevilla, a thrilling whale-watching tour, lunch in Little Italy, and a peaceful stroll at Balboa Park. Stevo was cool, calm, and collected as these plans unrolled to Sarey's delight. Stevo mentioned that they had some time to kill, so why not go to Torrey Pines State Beach to watch the sunset. The beach was soaked in color as we caught the last few minutes of an idyllic sunset, much like the ones we first bonded under in Haiti. Stevo said something about being concerned his pants were going to get dirty. Sarey said, "What are you talking about?" as he got down on one knee and simply said, "Will you marry me?" Sarey said "Are you just proposing to me on the beach right now?!" and Stevo said, "Yes I am." She said, "Can you say that again?" and he said (again), "Will you marry me, Sarey?" She said, "Yes, I will, Stephen!" And they held each other on the beach until the sun was no more. 


Sarey said'Yes, I will marry you'


We are excited to join our lives together

We are looking forward to being wed on July 7th of this year, in Los Angeles. We are so thankful for our out-of-state family who are making the effort to come celebrate with us. We can't wait to celebrate with our friends and family by eating and dancing. We also can't wait to share our lives with you as a married couple. Please include us in your prayers as we prepare for this big life event!

All our love,

-Stevo & Sarey


Soon we will marry!


And we'll honeymoon in Marfa, TX and a mystery location in South America!